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Gulf Coast Youth Academy: Programs


Gulf Coast Youth Academy includes the following programming:

Seven Challenges® Substance Abuse Program - emphasizes the decision-making process involved in quitting drugs and alcohol. It is the premise of this program that youth who resume using drugs after being discharged from a commitment program do so because they never made a conscious decision to quit, but rather quit because drugs were no longer available. Seven Challenges® encourages youth to explore the motivation behind their drug use, determine whether drug use helps them meet their goals, and make informed decisions about the role they want drugs to play in their lives. To learn more, visit www.sevenchallenges.com.

ARISE Anger Management Curriculum - provides fundamentals of anger management. The youth learn to manage anger-driven behavior and more effective means of expressing anger. Gulf Coast Youth Academy also utilizes the group process to teach the concept of empathy, the nature of criminal thinking patterns, and the necessary element of victim awareness. To learn more, visit www.at-riskyouth.org.

Behavioral Health Overlay Services (BHOS) Program - allows for the majority of group counseling services to be provided by master’s-level therapists. Gulf Coast Youth Academy’s group counseling programming increases youths’ competency in anger management, life skills, social skills, employability, reasoning, decision making, impulse control, conflict resolution, leadership, and interpersonal problem-solving.

Youth at Gulf Coast Youth Academy participate in strenuous physical training and team sports activities. Their daily activities are part of a rigid schedule that begins at 5:00 a.m.

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