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Milton, FL 32583
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Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility: Our Program


Milton Girls Juvenile Residential Facility is a 60-bed residential commitment program for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, serving females ages 13 - 18.

Participants in the program have a DSI[/-|V-TR Axis I mental disorder(s) and have moderate to serious mental or emotional issues with a level of impairment and maladaptive behavior that makes them unsuitable for a general offender program.

Each youth admitted will be evaluated and monitored by a licensed psychiatrist, provided with a therapeutic living environment and uniforms as well as participate in daily group therapy.

Length of stay in this program is approximately 6 to 12 months.

Near Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, our facility is located at 5770 E. Milton Road, Milton, FL 32583. For more information please contact us at (850) 983-3250.

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