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Okaloosa Youth Development Center: Our Programs

Okaloosa Youth Development Center is a specialized facility which houses low, moderate, and high risk youth who have developmental delays.

Okaloosa Youth Development Center’s unique approach to behavioral management along with highly trained staff, therapists, and case managers provides an optimal environment for youth to grow and change.

Okaloosa Youth Development Center employs the use of a Token Economy System which rewards the youth for positive behavior, the implementation of this system meaning the youth receive tokens throughout the day for engaging in appropriate behavior. The youth are then allowed to purchase additional incentives with their tokens throughout the week. This teaches the youth that good behavior and hard work will be rewarded while negative behavior will not.

The Case Managers at Okaloosa Youth Development Center have a hands-on approach with the youth and they also work together with therapists and behavioral analysts to ensure that the youth is achieving all of their goals. Case Managers also teach Restorative Justice Groups and often times assist in the Life Skills groups.

Our Case Managers have developed several unique steps in the transition process which allow the youth to "petition for transition." This process involves the youth completing the petition explaining the changes they have made, and presenting that to the transition board. This teaches the youth speaking skills and gives them an opportunity to reflect on their progress.

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