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Okaloosa Youth Development Center: Treatment

Okaloosa Youth Development Center (OYDC) staff members work together to build a therapeutic community with the youth, and the youth’s treatment plan objectives are implemented within all levels of care.

OYDC employs six professionally trained mental health professionals, all of whom are under the supervision of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Mental Health Counselor, to provide therapeutic services to the youth, to include group, individual, and family interventions.

We provide Mental Health Overlay Services (MHOS) to 25 High-Risk youth and Behavioral Health Overlay Services (BHOS) to 24 Moderate or Low-Risk Youth. Evidence-based therapeutic curriculum that is utilized at OYDC includes the following:

  • Anger Replacement Training (ART)
  • 7 Challenges Substance Abuse Curriculum
  • Life Skills Training (LST)
  • Thinking for a Change (T4C)
  • ARISE Life Skills Building Curriculum

The therapeutic curriculums utilized within the program are designed to assist the youth in building critical life-skills, learning to cope with their anger and other negative emotions, building self-esteem, and in addressing any other core concerns that led to the youth becoming involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Individualized treatment plans and services are rendered to each youth in relation to their individual needs as an effort to provide maximum benefit to the youth. Mental Health Professionals also work closely with the resident Board Certified Behavioral Analyst and together they provide daily behavioral groups which teach our youth valuable "real world" skills. The youth learn interviewing skills, money management skills, domestic skills, proper leisure activities, health skills, communication skills, and many other life lessons.

Educational Services
Youth at Okaloosa Youth Development Center are provided educational services from the Okaloosa County School District, and receive opportunities to participate in vocational courses as well as to work toward their GED or High School Diploma. Vocational offerings from the Okaloosa County School District include horticulture, masonry, and a computer skills course. Youth within the low and moderate risk programs are also given the opportunity to participate in community service activities through Okaloosa Youth Development Center and the Okaloosa County School District at Crestview Manor Nursing Home.

Okaloosa Youth Development Center is designed to meet the specialized needs of our youth, and assists the youth in making substantial changes in their lives. Youth released from Okaloosa Youth Development Center depart with an opportunity for a fresh start and the skills necessary to do so.

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